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Disc AlNiCo Magnet

Cast Disc AlNiCo Magnet

Product Description · Material: Cast AlNico class 7 · Magnetic Characteristics: Br:580 mT, Hcb:80KA/m, BH:18KJ/m³ · Holding Power: · Pole Orientation: Axially magnetized, i.e. the N and S poles are on the flat surfaces · Tolerances: Dia 3/4 +/-0.004" x 1/4 +/-0.004" · Maximum Normal...

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Product Description

· Material: Cast AlNico class 7

· Magnetic Characteristics: Br:580 mT, Hcb:80KA/m, BH:18KJ/m³

· Holding Power: 

· Pole Orientation: Axially magnetized, i.e. the N and S poles are on the flat surfaces

· Tolerances: Dia 3/4 +/-0.004" x 1/4 +/-0.004"

· Maximum Normal Operating Temperature: 550 degree C or 1022 degree F

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